10 Early pregnancy symptoms, first signs you should take a pregnancy test

2. Fatigue:

It has been found that about all women feel tiredness, fatigues in the early days of pregnancy. This sign is ranked high among the first signs of pregnancy. During the pregnancy, the levels of hormone progesterone hike. The hormone due to high dosage puts you sleep more than you normally sleep, or may make you feel tired all the time. The lower blood pressure, blood sugar level, and increase blood production may team up to lower your energy during pregnancy.

3. Cramping:

Slight bleeding or cramping is the first signs of pregnancy. The bleeding happens due to the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus, after two weeks of the fertilization.

The bleeding is lighter, spottier and different from the regular period bleeding and would not last long.

You can also feel abdominal cramping, similar to the menstrual cramps.

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